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All listed fees are general judicial expert fees. Contact Will for any updates to fees.

expert witness fees


The fee to retain Will Stout as an expert witnesss is twenty five hundred dollars ($2500). This minimum, advance retainer is required. Initial travel expenses and work will be charged against the retainer. When the retainer falls below eight hundred dollars ($800), a statement will be emailed to the attorney/attorney’s firm, referred to hereafter as “Client.” Will Stout is retained solely by the Client and no financial relationship exists between the Client’s customer and Will Stout. The Client is solely responsible for all fee payments. The initial retainer is non-refundable. Any surplus that remains from secondary billing beyond the initial retainer of twenty five hundred dollars ($2500) is refundable to the Client.


One hundred fifty dollars ($150) per hour for services including, but not limited to, review, research and analysis: reports, conferences, site visitation and survey where appropriate together with a review of all discovery materials and any other materials deemed necessary to reach and render an opinion in the subject litigation.


The fee for depositions is two hundred dollars ($200) per hour. Client is responsible for travel and actual expenses.


The fee for trial appearance and testimony is two hundred dollars ($200) per hour. Client is responsible for travel and actual expenses.


Counsel is required to provide forty-eight (48) hour notice of cancellation of scheduled testimony or be subject to all travel fees.


All invoices are due and payable upon receipt.


The Client is solely responsible for fee payment.

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