Expert Witness Services

Will Stout, Judicial Expert, provides the following services:

Will Stout can testifies as an expert witness in legal cases involving exercise equipment.

Exercise Equipment Legal Case Specialities:

  • On-site equipment diagnostics and analysis including digital recordings
  • Definitive explanations to equipment failures
  • Experienced, logical reasons for equipment failures
  • Real-life experience in risk management
  • Evaluates failures from technical and practical perspectives
  • Creates comprehensive reports of equipment failures
  • Thorough with preparation for depositions and trials
  • Analysis of opposing experts reports
  • Prepares questions for opposing experts for depositions and trial
  • Provides attorney with history of failures of equipment
  • Provides attorney with weak points and strengths of case
  • Testify at depositions, trials, mediations, and arbitrations
  • Keeps composure under intense questioning


    Analysis and Examination Procedures:

  • The analysis and examination involves:
  • checking the equipment based on experience and manufacturer specifications
  • thorough analysis of the electronics
  • The physical attributes of the moving parts
  • Examining issues that should be resolved during routine maintenance
  • Parts that may have needed to be upgraded
  • Understanding the functions of each component
  • Determining negligence of the facility, manufacturer or user error.
  • Digital documentation of the procedure

    For fitness facility issues concerning: Steam Rooms, Saunas, Flooring, Private Trainers, Accident Reconstruction Videos , Signage, Warning Labels, and standards related to ASTM, ANSI, IHRSA, ACSM and other Exercise Facility Issues

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