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Will Stout - Expert Witness / Judicial Expert for injury cases involving exercise equipment

Will Stout testifies as an expert witness in legal matters for injury cases related to exercise equipment. Will Stout will analyze and evaluate the exercise equipment in question and determine the root of the failures and/or deficiencies related to site oriented maintenance, manufacturer issues, and/or user error. Will specializes in diagnostics of commercial, institutional and medical exercise equipment and in most cases can pinpoint the source of the equipment’s failure, which can ultimately cause an injury

Expert Exercise Equipment Technician

Will’s practical experience includes over 30 years of hands on experience in diagnostics, maintenance, repair and training on commercial sports, fitness, and medical exercise equipment, including matters involving product liability, risk management, equipment failure, and personal injury. This expertise is offered to plaintiffs and defendants in cases, which include individuals, manufacturers, government agencies, academic institutions, insurance companies, non-profit organization, and corporations.

Expert Witness For Defendants and Plaintiffs

Defendants such as Manufacturers may hire Will Stout for an outside, unbiased view of the equipment failure. If the results of the analysis indicate a failure in a component that has had a lack of proper maintenance, or facility insufficiencies, such as overly worn parts, overloaded electrical outlets, improper use of extension cords, or incorrect grounding of the equipment, this may often alleviate the manufacturer of the liability of the accident.

Defendants such as Wellness Centers may hire Will to analysis the equipment to determine if the manufacturer may be at fault or if there is a possibility of user error.

Plaintiffs may hire Will to analyze the machine to establish the same issues in order to correctly direct the lawsuit and determine where the fault may have developed.

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If you are looking for an expert witness with the credentials to determine the source of the failure, you have just found him – Will Stout, Expert Technician – Expert Witness.

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