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Will Stout - Expert Witness - Depositions & Courtroom Experience.

Initial Consultation

Will Stout has been involved in cases that have primarily been settled out of court. The findings made from accidents involving exercise equipment failure are usually evident after the equipment has been analyzed and thoroughly examined.

Before an initial technical analysis and examination of the equipment is made, Will Stout will discuss the case with the hiring attorneys. From 30 years of hands on experience in the fitness industry, Will Stout has knowledge of hundreds of failures involving negligence on the part of maintenance, facility negligence, manufacturer negligence and also user error. These issues are discussed and a preliminary conclusion can normally be made before the initial technical analysis and examination of the exercise equipment in question is performed.

Before being hired Will Stout is not partial to either the plaintiff or defendant. His initial review of the case is to determine the possible cause of the exercise equipment failure.

If the hiring attorneys determine the preliminary conclusion will be helpful in their exercise equipment injury case, an appointment is set to have a technical analysis and examination of the equipment. After completion of the appointment, the preliminary findings are documented and delivered to the hiring attorneys. Will Stout will then discuss the findings with the hiring attorneys to determine the next steps in the proceedings. .

Deposition Proficiency

Will Stout is not only an expert technician that can accurately determine the root of the cause of an injury accident involving exercise equipment, but also is thorough during depositions. As an expert witness Will Stout comes prepared and can often provide a binding testimony on behalf of the hiring attorneys.

As a result of Will’s proficient knowledge of exercise equipment and 30 years of hands on experience, most cases are settled out of court when the determining factor in the case is the cause of the equipment failure.

Courtroom Proficiency

In the infrequent occasion when an injury case proceeds to court, Will Stout is proficient in the courtroom setting and can handle himself with poise as a courtroom expert witness. Because of his knowledge and expertise, Will’s conclusions are specific and can be the determining factors in the outcome of an injury case.

As a result of Will’s proficient knowledge of exercise equipment and the technical issues that often accompany an injury case, Will’s confidence in the courtroom setting is evident. Based on the outcome of the conclusions made during the initial technical analysis and examination, Will can present his findings to a jury in a comprehensible manner that can be understood by people of all different circumstances. His explanations are clear and stay on point.

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