Will Stout - Expert Witness Travel Fees

All listed fees are general travel fees. Contact Will for any updates to fees.

Standard Travel Fees

The standard travel fees are seventy five-dollars ($75) per hour. Travel time is billed portal to portal. Client is responsible for travel and actual expenses.

Overnight Travel Arrangements

When extended travel is required and overnight arrangements cannot be avoided, the standard fee of seventy five-dollars ($75) per hour is billed. This fee will not exceed eight (8) hours per day unless an excess of eight (8) hours of travel is required in a given day. All work hours in that day are billed at the standard rate specified in the fees. If work is performed during travel, the standard fees specified are billed. All travel expenses are billed at actual cost including but not limited to, hotel, car rental, shuttles, parking fees, fuel, tips, and other travel expenses.


The Client is solely responsible for payments of travel fees and standard hourly fees.

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